Praise for Among the Dead, by Hansol Jung. Directed by Ralph B. Peña at Here Arts Center.

"The constant here is Jesus, hilariously played by Will Dagger." Laura Collins-Hughes, The New York Times

"Will Dagger as Jesus has excellent timing and a light touch." Donna Herman, Front Row Center

"Will Dagger does a divinely diffident job as a low-key Messiah." Jane Dentinger, NY Theatre Guide

"Always charming!" Gabriella Steinberg, Theatre is Easy

"Hilarious!" Saima Huq, Stage Buddy

"Brilliant comedic timing by Will Dagger." Cindy Marinangel, Times Square Chronicles

Praise for Pucker Up and Blow, by Daniel Reitz. Directed by Paul Schnee at The Players Theatre.

"Dagger is exceptional: funny, sweet, frustrated and frustrating. He breathes enough life into every scene to keep the whole play afloat." Adam Feldman, TimeOut New York

"It’s a testament to Dagger that David’s attempts to navigate through this minefield with dignity intact are keenly felt." Shani R. Friedman, Theatre Is Easy

"Will Dagger as David went above and beyond the call of duty in a captivating performance. Dagger's raw emotional journey was one for the ages." Michael Block, Theater in the Now

"Brilliant performance by Will Dagger as David!" Theatre Reviews Limited

"Dagger's sincerity in his discomfort elicits a satisfying mixture of laughter and sympathy." Jacob Horn, Curtain Up

"Delightfully nuanced actor Will Dagger, who I expect has a stellar career ahead of him..." Hy Bender

"Will Dagger is an understated dynamo." Rob Lester, Nite Life Exchange

Praise for Verano Place, by Katie Atchinson. Directed by Josh Hecht at Kraine Theater.

"The hilarious Will Dagger steals every scene he’s in, including set changes." Laura Collins-Hughes, The New York Times

Praise for Napoleon in Exile, by Daniel Reitz. Directed by Paul Schnee at 59E59.

"In Will Dagger’s extraordinarily sympathetic performance, he is also urgent, ashamed, odd, lovable, scared and desperate...Mr. Dagger makes it indelibly his own." Laura Collins-Hughes, The New York Times

"The outstanding Will Dagger and Henny Russell take us on a heartfelt rollercoaster of laughs and tragedy.  The piece is a great vehicle for Mr. Dagger’s talent, as he gives the audience an honest, empathetic, beautifully flawed Corey." Jonathan Alexandratos, ThePublicReviews

"Russell's dry wit and restrained delivery melds in counterpoint with Dagger's tireless precision." Christopher Kompanek, TimeOut New York

"[Henny Russell and Will Dagger] have a wonderful chemistry. Both inhabit their roles beautifully, Russell with a level of understatement and simplicity that is consistently affecting and Dagger with a detailed appreciation for autistic behaviors and the emotional gaps many people on the autism spectrum experience." Gay City News

"The piece rises or falls on the performance of the son Corey and Will Dagger is outstanding, capturing the physical tics and emotional inhibitions of the syndrome without surrendering to stereotype. Dagger makes Corey funny and smart but also fearfully aware of how unable he is to function in the world on his own." Broadway & Me

"Will Dagger’s performance...goes beyond acting in its authenticity." Victor Gluck, TheatreScene

"[Dagger and Russell] have a wonderful rapport, and you feel the awkward, but unconditional, love the characters share." Elisabeth Vincentelli, NYPost

"Russell and Dagger forge a convincing, multilayered rapport." Ethan Kanfer

"Played convincingly!" The New Yorker

"Genuine acting!" Emily Gawlak, StageBuddy

"Natural and charming!" T and B on the Aisle

Praise for Children of the Future Age, written and directed by Knud Adams at TheatreLab.

"Flat-out captivating!" Heather Lee Rogers, NYTheatre

"Will Dagger does an excellent job carving out Tyger, the rambunctious and petulant first mate to Cole's captain." UptownFlavor

Praise for Six Windows Presents A Hero Of Our Time, by Will Arbery. Directed and conceived by Will Dagger at Medicine Show Theater.

"Funny and heart-warming…The players are all amazing in this production!" - The Glass

"Something new and fresh and a twist on the meta-theatrical plays people have seen before…You will leave feeling as though you intruded on people's personal lives and feel like you want to go back in the hopes of finding something you missed the first time." - Bleep Magazine